Specific Pictures
Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, Producer and Director


Specific Pictures makes colorful, character-based documentary features and shorts that go deep beyond the headlines, to explore some of the most urgent issues of our times through the experiences and perspectives of ordinary people who do extraordinary things.
We believe close examinations of the specific can reveal the universal.

New Work

For the Love of Rutland

Premiering in March 2022 in Season 10 of the acclaimed documentary series
America ReFramed on World Channel and PBS.

One of the 10 Most Exciting Films at Hot Docs.


Refreshing…As racism and xenophobia run rampant in the United States’ small towns, suburbs, and cities alike, FOR THE LOVE OF RUTLAND reminds us that empathy still exists.

Women and Hollywood

Documentary gold… captures perfectly the tensions and ideological rifts of contemporary America.

Point of View Magazine

With nuance and compassion, FOR THE LOVE OF RUTLAND creates an intimate portrait of the challenges facing rural America today and delves into complex lives of the community members valiantly taking a stand to heal their hometowns. Following the story of a remarkable woman in recovery, this award-winning feature documentary offers a sustained look into the normalization of “white rage” across the US, while also uncovering the stories of ordinary people who become extraordinary in their desire to challenge their deeply held beliefs and mend their divided communities.