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Daisy and Max

Set in the part of Los Angeles popularly known as South Central, Daisy and Max reveals the long shadows of mass incarceration on families, and the lives of women who will risk everything to make their communities just a little safer.

As a teenager, Daisy watched her sister get shot to death in the driveway of her family’s house, and Max was in and out of gangs and prison before changing his life. Now they work as a team, intervening in street violence and gang disputes before they turn deadly – all while raising a new baby. But Max’s past brings the FBI to their door and he suddenly disappears into the federal prison system. And Daisy must fight, like never before, to save her family.

Commissioned for Al Jazeera America Presents – an original series featuring provocative, timely documentaries by acclaimed filmmakers – and broadcast around the globe on Al Jazeera.