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New Muslim Cool

This ground-breaking, multi-award-winning documentary feature follows the life of Puerto Rican American Muslim hip-hop artist Hamza Pérez, as he and his family and community navigate life in post-9/11 America. New Muslim Cool is more than another hybrid hip-hop story. It’s also the story of a man coming of age, facing his deepest questions about his faith, trying to keep his family safe and learning how to hold himself accountable. Broadcast on the PBS series POV and globally on multiple networks.

New Muslim Cool possesses a kind of beauty that sneaks up on you: it is in Hamza’s humility, in the dignity with which he confronts so much of his misfortune, in his commitment to rehabilitating drug dealers because, in his mind, no one else will.

Ginia Bellafante, The New York Times

New Muslim Cool is a fine illustration of the melting pot’s latest cultural flavors, as well as a helpful look past post-9/11 Islamic stereotypes.


Thank goodness, this is the story of the new America that is unfolding; the one that young Americans across traditional divides are claiming everyday as their own.

Bakari Kitwana, NewsOne / Huffington Post